Membership Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V.

Establishing collectively closed resource cycles

We are pleased to now be a member of the Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V. The goal of the association founded in 2022 is a world where closed resource cycles are self-evident. In this sense, the Reusable Packaging Association Germany aims to promote reusability particularly in the areas of food, take-away, eCommerce, and drugstores by collectively and efficiently supporting the adoption of reusable packaging as the norm. To achieve this as quickly as possible, comprehensive networking, public awareness, and collective knowledge transfer are necessary. We gladly support this mission with our range of sustainable reusable packaging and tableware. Because our environmentally friendly bio-compound made reusable products meet the needs in sectors such as gastronomy, event planning, canteens, zero-waste shops, and more, enabling us to support the mission of the Reusable Packaging Association Germany e.V. Through integrated engagement, closed resource cycles can be established sustainably in the long term. With our membership, we aim to contribute to the comprehensive adoption of reusability as a sustainable alternative to single-use packaging and emphasize the importance of circular economy and resource conservation. We look forward to the future achievements we will accomplish through our collaboration!

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The Häppy Compagnie and Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V. are partners and aim to pave the way for reusable packaging.

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Katrin Beißner

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