Membership in the New European Reusable Alliance

Together we are strong! This also applies to the effort to establish reusable solutions. That’s why we are now a member of the network organization New Era – New European Reuse Alliance, which has been representing the interests of companies offering, using, and promoting reusable packaging systems, services, and products across Europe since 2022. New Era has one goal: to make all packaging reusable, practical, and sustainable for everyone. The mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of well-managed reuse systems in the public and to create networks. This is intended to influence political action at national and EU levels to shape legal incentives, financing, and infrastructure models.

Ultimately, the use of reusable packaging is to be accelerated in line with the increasing trend towards demands for a greater spread of reusable solutions. We align with this mission with our range of products. We are proud to be part of the New Era community and look forward to a future with more reusable solutions!

Die Häppy Compagnie ist Partner von new Era, der European Reuse Alliance, die das Ziel haben, Verpackungen praktisch, nachhaltig und wiederverwendbar für jeden zu machen.

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Katrin Beißner

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