Reusable Cups for Cold Beverages at Häppy Compagnie

The transparent reusable cups for cold beverages such as beer, juice, punch, or lemonade, with capacities of 300 ml, 400 ml and 500 ml, expand our reusable product range. Made from polypropylene (PP), they are particularly robust and can be reused many times after hygienic cleaning. Häppy Compagnie’s reusable cups for cold beverages are perfect for events, festivals, stadium use, sports events, trade fairs, and concerts, as well as in cafeterias, canteens, and student unions. Wholesalers, intermediaries, and various online marketplaces already offer sustainable reusable solutions from our range. Our PP reusable cup offerings are tailored to requests from wholesalers and suppliers, allowing us to provide large order quantities.

Reusable Cups for Cold Beverages at Events and Trade Fairs

Our reusable cups for soft drinks and beer are made from PP, highly resistant to cracks, and can be cleaned and reused many times. This makes them perfect for use at large events. Serving drinks in glassware poses significant risks in large crowds: glass can break, and shards can cause injuries.

Another advantage of PP reusable cups for cold beverages is their cost-effectiveness. By introducing a deposit system, event organizers can ensure the return of the reusable cups, so they can be cleaned and reused, saving on disposal costs and the constant repurchase of disposable cups. If the reusable cups are not returned, the deposit is retained.

Hygienic Cleaning of Reusable Cups with Mobile Dishwashers

Our PP reusable cups for cold beverages are dishwasher safe and can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned after use. This can be done in fixed or mobile dishwashing units or trailers, which can be purchased specifically for events or rented from local organizers and event agencies. PP reusable cups are thus the perfect alternative to glassware and, thanks to quick and hygienic cleaning, can be flexibly used at events, festivals, stadiums, sports events, trade fairs, concerts, cafeterias, canteens, and large kitchens.

Properties of the cold drink cups

Properties of Our PP Reusable Cups for Cold Beverages

In addition to their stability and robustness, they are lightweight and handy, can be stored practically, and transported easily. Our reusable cups for cold beverages are marked with a fill line and CE marking, complying with the applicable requirements set out in EU regulations under harmonization legislation. A significant advantage of reusable cups is their sustainability: their reusability helps reduce waste. As a monomaterial, PP is well recyclable; the cups are food-safe and suitable for beverage consumption.

Sustainable Properties of Reusable Cups for Lemonade, Juice, and Beer

The use of Häppy Compagnie’s reusable cups aligns with the Zero Waste concept within the increasingly prevalent sustainability mindset. The production of the reusable cups in Europe also falls under this aspect. In summary, PP reusable cups for cold beverages such as lemonade, juice, and beer provide a sustainable, economical, and hygienic solution for consuming soft drinks at events, festivals, and concerts, as well as at trade fairs, cafeterias, or catering. Using Häppy Compagnie’s reusable cups contributes to waste reduction and safety when enjoying cold beverages at events and other gatherings. Moreover, using reusable cups raises environmental awareness among participants and promotes a culture of sustainable events, potentially positively impacting the organizers’ image.

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