Practical Reusable To-Go Cups for Coffee, Tea, and More

Practical reusable to-go cups for coffee, tea, broth, punch, and much more are an indispensable alternative to the typical single-use disposable cup in the daily lives of many people. Häppy Compagnie also offers reusable cups for hot beverages in cream-white, available in 250 ml and 400 ml sizes. These sustainable reusable cups for coffee and tea meet the growing demand for more sustainability. Our reusable solutions for the catering and food service industries are already being offered by wholesalers, intermediaries, and various online marketplaces. All our reusable cups for hot beverages are available in bulk quantities for wholesalers.

Reusable Cups with Rib Technology for Coffee to Go

Häppy Compagnie’s reusable to-go cups for coffee, tea, and all types of hot beverages are designed as ribbed cups with patented technology that insulates heat. A special foam injection molding process is used during manufacturing, where gas is injected into the plastic.

This makes the plastic foamy, creating air pockets. The ribs act as air buffers, so heat is better insulated. The heat stays right where it belongs – in the cup. On the outside, however, it is barely noticeable, and the reusable cup can be held comfortably for a longer time. Freshly brewed coffee or tea can be enjoyed without burning your hands!

Versatile Use: Häppy Compagnie's Reusable Cups

The practical heat insulation makes the reusable cup a perfect companion for green events, city festivals, and celebrations organized by municipalities or communities. They are also ideal for festivals, sporting events, trade fairs, and even employee parties, making them perfect for serving hot beverages such as coffee, tea, punch, or cocoa. They are also ideal for cafes, bakeries, and other catering establishments, or for distributing hot drinks in cafeterias, student unions, canteens, and large kitchens.

Properties of the hot drink cups

Cleaning and Sustainable Properties of the Reusable Cups

Event organizers and catering establishments can enhance their customer experience while improving their environmental footprint by using reusable to-go cups. Because the reusable cups for hot beverages are reusable, they fit well into deposit systems. Particularly at events, a lot of plastic tableware is thrown away, producing huge amounts of waste. This is harmful to the environment and costly to clean up. Häppy Compagnie’s reusable cups, on the other hand, can be reused many times and can even generate revenue through a deposit system if the reusable cups are not returned.

Matching Lids for the Reusable Cup and Additional Benefits

The reusable cups for tea, coffee, and all kinds of hot beverages are only complete with the matching reusable lid with a drinking opening. These securely seal the reusable cups, ensuring safe transport! The reusable lid has a practical drinking opening for on-the-go enjoyment, so nothing spills while you’re out and about. The reusable ribbed to-go cups are also thin and lightweight, yet still stable and shatterproof. They are also dishwasher safe and easy to clean in the dishwasher after use. With their advantageous and sustainable properties, the reusable cups are not only an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tableware but also ideal for use in catering, events, trade fairs, cafeterias, canteens, and many other food service areas.


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