Sustainable Reusable Solutions for Events and Large Gatherings

As a part of sustainability initiatives for Green Events, environmentally friendly reusable products are gaining significance at large-scale events such as festivals, concerts, sports events, and trade shows. Since January 2023, the use of reusable packaging has also been legally mandated across the entire EU. This presents organizers, municipalities, catering and event agencies, and those responsible for a company’s sustainability management with significant challenges. The use of reusable options brings numerous advantages but also challenges related to staffing and time management. To fully harness the strengths of sustainable products, reusable solutions for events and large gatherings must be flexible and practical in multiple ways for all parties involved.

Environmentally Friendly Reusable Solutions for Events

Our reusable products have become an essential component of various event concepts, providing a durable and practical catering solution for guests at all types of gatherings. Due to their high wood content, our reusable items have a natural antibacterial effect.

These products are also dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 100°C, enabling immediate reuse after cleaning at events. At the same time, waste is reduced, and the environment is preserved. Furthermore, our products are recyclable, allowing for the multiple use of retired containers and their replacement with new ones.

Comprehensive Range of Reusable Items for Food and Beverages

Our specifically designed reusable products from the Häppy Family series include a variety of products. Sustainable plates, bowls, and cups are available in different portion sizes and capacities, and we also provide corresponding utensils. Our range also includes dishwasher-safe boxes and reusable containers with various-sized compartments for clean food separation. These containers are suitable not only for immediate consumption at events but also for convenient food transport with the addition of transparent or gray lids. All our reusable items can be cleaned in the dishwasher and are stackable for space-saving storage.

Sustainable Alternatives for Events and Trade Shows

Choosing our reusable solutions offers many benefits. They can not only reduce the waste typically generated at events but also enhance the event’s public image by showcasing the use of our sustainable products. Customizable design options also leave a lasting impression on guests and consumers. Our resource-efficient trays, containers, and cups are ideal for the use at large gatherings and are a sought-after alternative to conventional plastic products. By using our products, you meet the increasing demand for reusable solutions and environmentally conscious actions. Choose our reusable products and make a statement for sustainability and environmental protection.

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