The Significance of Sustainability and Climate Protection

Responsibility for the Environment and Society

At Häppy Compagnie, sustainability plays a central role in our corporate philosophy. As a company, we firmly believe that sustainability and climate protection are essential for ethical behavior in the world. We take our responsibility towards the environment, people, and future generations very seriously. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to implementing sustainable practices to promote social justice and actively reduce our carbon footprint. This way, we aim to minimize our impact on the climate.

Monitoring the Carbon Footprint

Precise calculation and monitoring of our greenhouse gas emissions, also known as the carbon footprint or CO2 balance, are crucial in our pursuit of sustainability. Through accurate tracking, we can take targeted actions to continuously reduce our CO2 emissions. We analyze all relevant greenhouse gas emissions throughout our entire value chain and identify potential areas for savings. It’s important for us not only to measure the corporate carbon footprint (CCF) of all relevant greenhouse gas emissions from our company but also the product carbon footprint (PCF). Therefore, we calculate the emissions of our products throughout their entire lifecycle, from production to disposal.

Measures to Reduce the Carbon Footprint

We employ various methods to reduce our carbon footprint in all areas, following the principles of Avoid, Reduce, Compensate. We continuously invest in research and development to make our products even more sustainable.

Additionally, we constantly optimize our work and production processes, utilize energy-efficient technologies, and consciously use environmentally friendly materials. Furthermore, we actively engage in CO2 compensation projects to offset unavoidable emissions and positively contribute to climate protection. These climate protection projects are certified by the Gold Standard®.

Adherence to Standards and Transparent Communication

Adhering to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) guidelines for CCF is another essential element of our sustainability strategy. By consistently implementing these criteria, we ensure that our calculation methods are transparent, accurate, and comparable. Accurate reporting and communication of our sustainability performance are crucial to strengthen the trust of our customers and stakeholders in us and our products. In this regard, we follow the motto: “Do green and talk about it.”

Holistic Understanding of Sustainability

At Häppy Compagnie, we view sustainability as a holistic concept that includes not only environmental aspects but also social factors. Sustainability affects both the environment and society as whole. Therefore, alongside environmental aspects, we also consider social factors. We advocate for fair working conditions and promote the education and health of our employees.

A Model for Positive Change

For us, sustainability is not just an obligation but also an opportunity to actively drive positive change in the world. Through reducing our carbon footprint, integrating sustainable practices, and taking on social responsibility, we aim to be a role model as a company and inspire others to follow sustainable paths. This desire led to the creation of an important project at Häppy Compagnie called “Climate Safe 360°.” Under this label, CO2-compensated products and companies are transparently and comprehensively presented online.

Creating a Sustainable Future Together

Together with our employees, partners, and customers, we actively work towards shaping a sustainable future.

We are convinced that through our collective actions, positive changes are possible.

We want to make a significant contribution to environmental protection and the well-being of our fellow human beings.

Therefore, we invite you to join us and collaborate towards a sustainable future.