Reusable Packaging for Takeaway, Catering & Delivery Services

With the increasing importance of reusable packaging for takeaway food, food delivery services, and business catering, more and more providers are adopting this kind of environmentally friendly reusable solutions. The concept of delivering or picking up meals is gaining popularity. The advantage is obvious: when the lunch options at the office cafeteria don’t align with individual preferences, people often turn to trusted delivery services. Many households no longer cook dinner themselves, but instead dine at restaurants or conveniently take prepared meals home. These are just a few significant reasons why takeout continues to gain popularity and has become an indispensable part of the restaurant industry and everyday life.

Reusable Packaging for Takeaway Becomes Mandatory

Many foodservice businesses faced a significant change at the beginning of 2023. Since the beginning of the year, the use of reusable packaging for takeaway and catering has become legally mandated Europe-wide.

Offering alternative reusable solutions for food orders and services like catering has become a necessity. Given the diversity of dishes, delivery services and catering companies need a wide range of reusable packaging options that comply with the new regulations. And, of course, the quality of the food should not be compromised.

Environmental Consciousness Meets Convenience

Delivery services and business catering usually offer a wide range of dishes: fresh salad creations, hearty soups and stews, Chinese specialties, pizza, antipasti, pasta, crisp vegetables, vitamin-rich fruit portions, creamy desserts or ice cream specialties, various beverages, or complete buffets – the gastronomic possibilities are almost limitless. Particularly in communal dining, a delivery service is a significant enhancement to social gatherings. Food services also prove to be extremely popular at private celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries. Outstanding food and excellent service are at the forefront in both cases. This trend, coupled with the legal requirement for reusable packaging, increases the demand for high-quality and eco-friendly reusable products.

Switch to Sustainable Reusable Packaging

Our reusable products are well-suited to meet the growing demand from catering companies and restaurants for recyclable containers for all types of dishes. In addition to various reusable products, our range includes containers with matching lids and cups, specifically tailored to the needs of the delivery, food service, and business catering sectors. Choose resource-efficient alternatives over conventional food containers. Contact us to learn more about our range of high-quality reusable products.

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