Our reusable packaging is available in the colors beige, brown, green, and gray. We offer customizations for all our reusable products such as personalized printing, embossing, application of bands, and printing with QR codes.

Yes, manufacturing reusable packaging with personalized color preferences is possible.

Feel free to contact us regarding your individual color preferences at contact@happy-compagnie.com.

Our take-away range can be printed in single or multiple colors. You can have your logo, company name, custom message, or even QR codes printed on our reusable tableware. The printing remains visible even after multiple uses. Our tableware range is not suitable for printing but allows for individual color customization.

Yes, even dark bowls and dishes can be printed on. For example, you can print red text on a gray reusable bowl. In this case, a two-color print will be charged, as the text or logo will be printed first in white, followed by the dark color of your choice onto the container.

Yes, even smaller quantities can be individually printed. The minimum order quantity for individual printing of our reusable packaging is 120 pieces.

We are happy to emboss lids and reusable containers with your logo or text. Embossing provides a tactile representation, offering a high-quality enhancement to reusable packaging.

As an additional customization option, we offer the use of bands, which also serve as freshness seals, indicating the secure closure and quality of the food.

Our reusable packaging can be printed with a custom QR code. A QR code is ideal for integrating customer-specific online connections and accessing web-based services such as discount offers or special promotions.

Yes, you can realize your individual reusable packaging with us! We accompany you from idea to production. Feel free to contact us for more information on realizing your personalized reusable containers at contact@happy-compagnie.com.

Overall, in personalized product development of reusable packaging, from idea to production, you should expect approximately 22 weeks. The assessment of your individual requirements takes about 4 weeks. Then you will receive a quote. After ordering, the individual tooling for your reusable product is created, which can take about 10 to 12 weeks. Initial sampling takes about 2 weeks and may extend if there are changes requested. After approval, serial production with delivery time depending on order volume takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Please note that delays and supply shortages may occur due to external factors.

The manufacturing costs vary in the individual product development of reusable containers and depend on factors such as material, shape, application, and quantity. Feel free to contact us for more information at contact@happy-compagnie.com.

Yes, feel free to request free samples at contact@happy-compagnie.com.

Features of Häppy reusable packaging

Yes, our reusable packaging is dishwasher safe according to DIN EN 12875 standards. Our reusable cutlery is dishwasher safe. The term “dishwasher safe” means that the use and appearance of the reusable plates, bowls, cups, plates, menu boxes, and lids are not compromised even after 125 dishwasher cycles. Cleaning in the dishwasher or in commercial and industrial dishwashers is also possible without any issues. However, products labeled as dishwasher safe or dishwasher resistant may be cleaned in the dishwasher at your own risk; however, damages may occur due to the lack of DIN standardization.

Yes, our printed reusable packaging is also dishwasher safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or in commercial and industrial dishwashers.

Our reusable containers are conveniently stackable, allowing for secure, stable handling and saving storage space. Even with the lid closed, our reusable packaging can be stacked conveniently on top of each other.

Yes, for space-saving storage, small and large bowls, cups, and beakers can be combined and stacked inside each other. They can also be stacked on top of each other even with closed lids.

Our reusable packaging and cutlery are made from recyclable Bio-Compound, a composite material of natural fibers and biopolymers. It consists of 98 percent renewable raw materials, with a bio-PP content of 60 percent and a wood content of 40 percent. The wood flour used comes from sustainable forestry and provides natural antibacterial properties to our customizable reusable products.

Yes, our reusable containers are freezer-safe and can be stored in the freezer. Our reusable packaging can withstand temperatures down to -18°C.

Our reusable bowls, plates, cups, menu boxes, burger boxes, and lids can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after use. After cleaning, they are ready for use again. The drainage grooves ensure that the dishwater does not collect at the bottom but can drain away easily.

Yes, all our reusable containers, lids, and cutlery comply with the requirements of the applicable Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 for food contact materials. We are happy to provide conformity declarations (Food Safety) or data sheets upon request: Inquiries can be made via contact@happy-compagnie.com.

Yes, all reusable products made from Bio-Compound are antibacterial according to ISO 22196. Samples of the material are taken for testing according to ISO 22196 to determine the antibacterial activity of the product. Antibacterial means that the surface of our reusable containers prevents the formation and growth of bacteria and fungal cultures. The antibacterial properties of our customizable reusable packaging are due to the high wood content.

Yes, the reusable containers and lids are shatterproof, robust, and stable. They have already proven this during use at several events.

Both melamine, a white, odorless, and tasteless powder, and Bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetically produced compound, are substances used in the manufacture of certain plastics. They are often found in everyday products such as plastic tableware.

BPA is based on petroleum, a finite resource. Häppy Family’s reusable packaging consists of 98 percent bio-based and compostable substances, including wood and bioplastics. The composite material of these products is a Bio-Compound, a granulate that is shaped into the form of the respective product through injection molding. This Bio-Compound does not contain melamine or BPA. Therefore, it not only contributes to the conservation of finite resources such as petroleum but is also safe for use with food.

Yes, our reusable packaging, when filled with food, can be heated in the microwave. The corresponding lids are excluded from this.

Our plates, bowls, cups, and reusable boxes can be complemented with the matching transparent or gray PP lid. The lid of our burger box is made from our Bio-Compound.

The reusable lids fit perfectly on the corresponding reusable container. They can be securely attached to the menu boxes with a click. For cleaning, the lids for the reusable containers can be easily removed, with a tab on the edge allowing for effortless opening.

Our sustainable reusable lids for bowls, cups, plates, and menu boxes are available in transparent or gray. The lid of our burger box made of Bio-Compound is available in the respective colors of the box.

Yes, the PP lids can also be ordered separately.

The reusable containers from Häppy Compagnie, except for the associated lids, are made from organic substances and are therefore biobased. They consist of the so-called bio-compound, a composite material made of bioplastic and wood fibers, which is 98 percent made from renewable raw materials and completely free of melamine and BPA. A product is considered biobased if it is made from at least 40 percent biomass. Therefore, the reusable containers from Häppy Compagnie are biobased.