Bio-Compound for our reusable packaging

The reusable products of Häppy Compagnie are made of a composite material called Bio-Compound. Compound comes from English and means “mixture” or “compound”. A composite material generally consists of two or more materials. When these are mixed together, a new material is created, which possesses favorable properties due to the combination. The mixing has optimized it, so to speak. The term Bio-Compound is not protected, so a variety of material combinations can fall under it.

The reusable packaging of Häppy Compagnie

The Bio-Compound of the Häppy reusable range consists of a composite of natural fibers and bio-polymers. Each individual reusable packaging from our assortment has different requirements. For this reason, there are differentiations in the material mixture for reusable plates, cups, bowls, cups, bowls, and more. The basic composite material consists of wood fibers from sustainable forestry and bio-polypropylene (bio-PP), which consists of vegetable oils and food oil residues. Overall, the Bio-Compound for Häppy Compagnie’s reusable packaging consists of 98 percent renewable raw materials. Therefore, the material is recyclable and free of petroleum plastics PLA and melamine. The special bio-based material mixture of the Bio-Compound gives Häppy Compagnie’s reusable packaging many positive properties and a special appearance. For example, all reusable products of Häppy Compagnie are dishwasher safe according to DIN 12875-1. The cutlery Häppy Cutlery is dishwasher safe.

The special properties of Häppy reusable containers

The advantages of Bio-Compound for plates, bowls, cups, and more

The material of the various reusable packaging for gastronomy and food service has many good properties. They are freeze-resistant and may also be stored with food in the freezer. Due to the robustness of the Bio-Compound, the reusable containers are also break-proof and particularly stable. This offers advantages, especially during transport. The reusable bowls, reusable boxes, plates, menu plates, cups, and bowls also have an antibacterial effect, are biobased, and food-compliant. The practical use for takeaway of cups, bowls with delicious curry, hearty stews, juicy steaks, pasta, Asian food, kale, or creamy desserts and desserts is no problem! Bowls and bowls are ideal for salads and unpackaged foods such as muesli, cereals, or nuts. Together with the transparent or gray-transparent lid, the content remains fresh and clearly visible. The reusable cups are ideal for hearty soups and stews, the menu boxes separate dishes with their compartments and prevent them from running together.

What reusable products does Häppy Compagnie offer?

Die robuste beige Mehrwegschale der Häppy Compagnie, auch "Häppy Bowl" hat eine Größe von 1.000 ml und besitzt einen Durchmesser von 185 mm. Wie sämtliche Mehrwegbehälter gibt es die Mehrwegschale in den Farben Beige, Braun, Grün und Gray, passend kombinierbar mit transparenten oder grauen Deckeln. Die Mehrwegschalen haben viele praktische Eigenschaften und bestehen aus biobasiertem Kunststoff ohne Melamin und BPA, sind spülmaschinenfest, lebensmittelkonform und stapelbar.
Reusable bowls
The sustainable brown reusable cup 'Häppy Cup' has a capacity of 400 ml and a diameter of 95 mm. It is made of biobased plastic without melamine and is BPA-free. Additionally, it can be combined with matching transparent or gray lids.
Reusable cups
In die nachhaltigen grünen Mehrwegmenü-Teller "Häppy Plate" mit 2 Kammern von der Häppy Compagnie passen insgesamt 1.000 ml, 100 ml in die kleine Kammer, 900 ml in die große Kammer. Der Mehrweg Menü-Teller mit 2 Kammern eignet sich gut für Speisen, die von einem Dip oder eine Soße getrennt werden sollen wie Kroketten, Nachos oder Gemüse. Der Mehrweg Menü-Teller hat eine Größe von 27,5 x 20 x 3,5 cm und ist mit dem passenden transparenten oder grauen Deckel kombinierbar.
Menu plates (2 compartments and 3 compartments)
menü-box mehrweg weiß 3
Reusable menu boxes (1-, 2-, and 3-compartment)
Der graue und flache Mehrweg Teller "Häppy Plate" der Häppy Compagnie ist perfekt als wiederverwendbare Tableware für Events und Ausflüge geeignet. Er fasst 370 ml und hat einen Durchmesser von 240 mm. Zudem ist er frei von BPA und Melamin, weil er aus biobasiertem Kunststoff besteht.
Reusable plates (deep and flat)
burger-box karamell mehrweg recycelbar
Reusable burger boxes
Häppy Bowl Deckel grau und transparent
Matching lids for bowls, cups, menu plates, menu boxes

All products except for the lids are made with a Bio-Compound of wood natural fibers and bio-plastics. The special material formulation was developed as part of a project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Production steps in the production of Bio-Compound

  1. Natural fibers serve as a sustainable filler in the production of Bio-Compound. The wood comes as an unused by-product from production processes and is sustainably reintroduced into the production cycle according to the “waste to value” principle.
  2. These processed natural fibers are combined with bio-plastics to form a composite. The more natural fibers used in this process, the more sustainable the product becomes.
  3. The resulting composite is then heated in an injection molding machine and injected into a special mold under high pressure. When designing a product, attention is paid not only to the production-related requirements but also to ensuring that it fits comfortably in the hand and leaves a pleasant mouthfeel. The production process is completed after cooling.
  4. Finished. The reusable plates, bowls, burger boxes, cups, and cutlery are ready for transport and look forward to being used in gastronomy, canteens, at events, or other areas in the food service.
Reusable forks in production
Reusable forks are produced

Advantages of reusable products

Since the Bio-Compound is made from renewable, plant-based raw materials, it contributes to the conservation of non-renewable resources. The use of bio-plastics also reduces the use of conventional plastic. This is particularly welcomed by end consumers, as more and more people integrate sustainability into their everyday lives or make other individual contributions to environmental protection. To reduce the CO2 footprint, modern production facilities and short transport routes are increasingly being used (manufactured in Germany). The best thing about Bio-Compound is the durability of the material. They make the products not only sustainable but also economically attractive. You can find the entire range of reusable packaging in our offer at Häppy Compagnie.

Raw materials for our organic compound

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