Reusable Cups - Enjoy Food on the Go

Our reusable cups are the perfect solution for cafeterias, business catering, food trucks, and the take-away sector. These eco-friendly cups offer versatile use for transporting both hot and cold dishes. Whether it’s delicious soups, crispy foods like fries or potato wedges, or creamy yogurt-based treats, our containers meet all requirements.

Reusable Cup 'Häppy Cup' - Enjoyment to Take Away

Our Häppy Cup® is ideal for hot soups like ramen or cold desserts like jelly. This recyclable cup has a capacity of 400 ml with a diameter of 95 mm.

The biobased cup is an excellent choice for off-site sales, zero-waste stores, and various gastronomic applications, whether for large or small portions. This way, customers not only get healthy snacks but also experience the environmental consciousness conveyed by using this recyclable container.”

Properties of Häppy Cup®

Sustainable Production and Versatile Features

Our Häppy Cup® cups are carefully crafted from renewable resources and are made from a blend of biopolymers and wood flour. These sustainable materials combine environmental friendliness with high functionality. The reusable cups are dishwasher-safe, antibacterial, and microwave-friendly. They can be easily cleaned after use in cafeterias or restaurants, providing a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable tableware. Furthermore, they can be stacked efficiently even when sealed. Our matching lids not only save space but also ensure the safe storage and transportation of meals.

Successful Wholesale Business through Sustainability

Embrace sustainability and make an active contribution to environmental protection. By adding Häppy Cup® to your product range, you expand your offerings with high-quality, recyclable products in various colors. Our cups are not only visually appealing but also represent corporate responsibility in harmony with the environment. By using our containers, you contribute to creating a sustainable future and help reduce waste. Moreover, you reduce the ecological footprint by minimizing the use of disposable packaging. The use of our sustainable, bio-based containers actively promotes environmentally conscious practices in the foodservice industry, catering, and off-site sales.”

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