Sustainable Reusable Menu Plates for Green Events

Discover our selection of recyclable and bio-based reusable menu plates designed for use at events such as parties, concerts, festivals, and more. Make a statement for sustainability and impress guests with eco-friendly platters. Our sustainable plates are made from 98 percent renewable resources like biopolymer and wood flour. The wood content gives the “Häppy Plate” antibacterial properties. The material is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and highly versatile in use. Dishwasher cleaning is effortless, and the plate is microwave safe. By purchasing our reusable plates, you protect valuable environmental resources and make an individual contribution to environmental preservation.

Recyclable Plates for Versatile Meals

Our bio-based reusable menu dishes provide ample space for diverse meals and are available in three-compartment or two-compartment designs. The various chambers allow for optimal portioning and clean separation of different foods.

The two-compartment platter has a capacity of 900 ml in one chamber and 100 ml in the other. This division is perfect for nachos with salsa dip or churros with hot chocolate. In the three-compartment menu plates with chambers of 100 ml, 300 ml, and 400 ml, crispy falafel, creamy hummus, and bulgur salad can be portioned.

Properties of Häppy Plate

Sustainable Plates for Increased Environmental Awareness

Take the path to success with products for sustainable catering and green events. Choose our eco-friendly reusable menu dishes and impress with quality and functionality. You make a significant contribution to reducing single-use packaging. Our recyclable plates provide the perfect foundation for sustainable culinary experiences at every event. By opting for our reusable dishes as a resource-efficient alternative to disposable tableware, you delight guests. Avoid the distribution of plastic dishes and make a statement for the environment. Choose our reusable menu plates and contribute to the reduction of single-use packaging.

Convenient for a Variety of Foods

Our sustainable menu platter “Häppy Plate” is not only eco-friendly but also highly functional for parties and events. The dishes stack easily when open, saving space. They are also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. With the matching reusable lid, the plates remain securely sealed, keeping the food fresh. The lids are available in gray and transparent. Even when closed, our bio-based plates can be stacked and safely transported thanks to the ridges on the lid.

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