Reusable Food Containers for Food Transport

Discover our selection of recyclable and bio-based reusable food containers, perfect for transporting both hot and cold dishes. Our “Häppy Box” offers a practical alternative to disposable items which can be used in private settings as well as in restaurants, cafeterias, and other foodservice establishments. You have a choice of colors, including black, green, cream-white, and brown. Additionally, these recyclable containers can be customized with your branding and other unique design options.

The Recyclable Burger and Finger Food Box

Our bio-based burger box is a versatile solution suitable not only for burgers but also for fries, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, donuts, and other snacks.

Thanks to the ridges on the bottom of the food containers, any condensation that forms with hot foods is captured, while small protrusions ensure better air circulation. This allows guests to enjoy their meal without compromising on taste. The reusable burger boxes have dimensions of 16 x 15 x 8.5 cm and can be custom printed. Raised ridges on the lid provide extra stability when stacking the boxes.

Convenient Food Containers for Full-Fledged Dinners

Our three-compartment reusable meal box offers an ideal solution for a complete meal. The practical division prevents food from mixing and ensures a stylish presentation. Whether it’s rice, vegetables, fish, salad, dressing, or croutons, the compartments keep everything cleanly separated. For less complex meals, we also offer a two-compartment and even a single-chamber reusable menu box, perfect for salads, pasta, rice or potato dishes, and side dish casseroles.

Properties of Häppy Box

Smart Takeaway Solutions for Practical Use - Food Containers

Our reusable meal boxes are sized and dimensioned similarly to the familiar expanded polystyrene (EPS) food containers used in the food industry. This allows them to be seamlessly integrated into your existing operations and stacked with other containers. The separately available hinged lids provide a practical takeaway solution. The parts can be easily attached and detached for dishwasher cleaning. The lids offer additional protection during transport, are dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe. These features also make them appealing to guests who want to reuse the containers in a private setting.

Reusable Box: Economical, Bio-Based, Functional

Our bio-based meal and burger boxes were developed with an emphasis on quality, functionality, and a sustainable future. They are made from a blend of wood flour and biopolymer, making them sturdy, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Invest in our high-quality reusable containers and help reduce waste. By purchasing our products, you signal your commitment to a sustainable future and benefit from a positive public perception. By using our recyclable reusable containers, you make an individual contribution to environmental protection by reducing single-use packaging. Choose our reusable food containers today and opt for sustainability, quality, and customer satisfaction.


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