Reusable Packaging for Cities and Municipalities

Cities, municipalities, communities, associations, and respective city marketing departments are often responsible for planning events such as city festivals, markets, anniversaries, club events for members, or even larger events such as concerts. Recurring costs related to disposable packaging for plates, cups, and bowls for catering purposes arise in these instances. The use of reusable packaging for cities, including reusable cups, plates, reusable cutlery, washable menu boxes, and more, offers a sustainable solution for adhering to both ecological and financial requirements. With reusable packaging and dishware, cities, municipalities, communities, as well as associations and organizations, can reduce waste and save their budgets in the long term.

Advantages of Reusable Packaging for Cities & Clubs

Disposable packaging is a primary source of waste at events such as concerts, festivals, city festivals, and club celebrations. In addition to the costs of disposable cups, cutlery, and plates, event organizers must also bear the costs of waste disposal. Often, used plates and cups end up not in the trash but on the ground. The acquisition of sustainable reusable packaging for cities and municipalties can pay off in the long run for administrations, event planners, and club chairpersons.

On one hand, the use of reusable cups, plates, and bowls allows for robust and reusable alternatives that also reduce waste generation at festivals and events. On the other hand, cities, municipalities, and clubs, often operating with limited budgets, can save costs in event planning in the long term with reusable plates and bowls. Especially among younger people, sustainability and environmental consciousness play a significant role in leisure activities. With increasing commitment to environmental protection at events, cities, municipalities, and clubs can improve their public image.

Cities and Municipalities Benefit from Reusable

Reusable cups and plates can be collected, cleaned, and reused after each use. Cities, municipalities, and clubs can reuse reusable dishware hundreds of times compared to the single use of disposable items, thereby conserving resources. Each reuse of a reusable container is an alternative to the energy- and resource-intensive production of a new disposable container and prevents waste. With rentable washing systems or mobile washing lanes, local cleaning is no longer a problem. By switching from disposable to reusable packaging, cities, municipalities, and clubs can save an estimated 4 tons of CO2 emissions during a one-day event with 50,000 attendees. The use of a reusable system can be financially beneficial for events using reusable containers in the long term.

Added Value of Reusable - Häppy Compagnie's Range

The reusable packaging of the Häppy Family is the ideal alternative to disposable options for events of all kinds. Our reusable products cover all the relevant features needed for use at events and are suitable for storage and transportation. The Häppy reusable packaging comes in various designs and colors and can be customized with your own logo or text through printing. Cups and bowls, plates with lids, as well as boxes with different-sized compartments for food separation and reusable cutlery – the range of Häppy Family’s reusable products is well-equipped! Additionally, the reusable packaging boasts many positive attributes. The dishware is microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, free of BPA and melamine, food-safe, bio-based, recyclable, and more. Those who cannot find something suitable can inquire about our tailored product development offerings.

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