Customizable reusable food packaging solutions made from renewable resources

Our CO2-compensated reusable tableware is implemented from well-known disposable forms and is free from melamine and BPA.

The items, manufactured in Germany, are made from a bio-compound with a wood component sourced from sustainable European forestry.

Reusable tableware for the food and food service industry

Welcome to Häppy Compagnie – Your partner for eco-friendly reusable tableware

We offer high-quality reusable tableware made from renewable raw materials, specifically designed for commercial use. Wholesalers, distributors, and online marketplaces in the food and food service industry already offer our eco-friendly reusable solutions. Our tableware is a sustainable alternative to single-use packaging and is manufactured in Germany. Explore our wide range of products, which are not only environmentally friendly but also functional and cost-effective.

Features of our bio-compound products

Sustainable, durable, and versatile

Our reusable products are made from a bio-compound with a wood component from sustainable European forestry. They are not only bio-based, break-resistant, and stackable, but also food-safe, recyclable, and free from BPA and melamine. Additionally, they are microwave-safe, temperature-resistant, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-safe. The dishwasher suitability is confirmed by our hygiene partner Ecolab®. Due to their antibacterial properties, the reusable tableware is ideal for use in various areas of the food and hospitality industry.

Versatile applications for sustainable reusable packaging

For a sustainable future in various industries

Our eco-friendly reusable tableware is ideal for use in unpackaged stores, in food retail, in gastronomy for take-away and out-of-home catering, for delivery services, student unions, cafeterias, canteens, company catering, catering, and events of all kinds. It is also excellent for outdoor tableware made from biobased plastic without melamine and can be used for festivals, sporting events, trade shows, as a rental service for party suppliers, as well as for events and other activities organized by cities, municipalities, communities, and clubs.

Diverse range of reusable products for culinary creations

Discover our wide selection of shapes, colors, and sizes

Our range offers a variety of options for presenting and transporting dishes attractively. From elegant bowls to practical bowls to flat and deep plates – we have the right containers for different needs of the food service industry and gastronomy. Our soup cups, cups, burger boxes, menu plates, and menu boxes are complemented by a selection of lids and reusable cutlery to ensure a complete and sustainable service experience. Our reusable containers also make a statement for travel and on-the-go, hence they are suitable as outdoor tableware made from biobased plastic without melamine and free from BPA.

The right vessel for every dish

Our versatile reusable containers are suitable for a wide range of dishes: salads, soups, Italian pasta dishes, porridge, healthy yogurt and curd dishes, Asian dishes such as curries and rice dishes, classics like schnitzel with fries, bratwurst and currywurst, oriental specialties such as hummus, falafel, and various dips and sauces. From finger food to antipasti to cakes and pastries – with our range, every culinary creation can be stylishly presented.

Personalized reusable products for unique brand appearances

Individually tailored branding solutions

Our reusable packaging is not only environmentally friendly but also offers the opportunity to present a brand individually. With high-quality printing processes, embossing, or individual coloring, we can personalize reusable packaging. By printing or embossing a company logo or an individual slogan, our reusable items can be used as effective advertising measures and sustainably strengthen a company’s brand image.

Customized product development for specific requirements

From idea to individual product

For individual requirements or special product requests, we are happy to help! We are experts in the field of bio-based plastics and design and manufacture products that ensure direct contact with food. With our extensive expertise in injection molding and mold making, we can also develop and implement items outside of our standard range. Together with you, we will find the perfect solution for your individual needs.

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection

Climate neutrality and environmental awareness at Häppy Compagnie

We are aware of our responsibility for the environment. Therefore, we offset all unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions that occur during the entire production process of our reusable packaging through specially selected climate protection projects. Our food service packaging is manufactured according to the highest environmental standards, and we continuously advocate for sustainable forestry and a minimal ecological footprint. With Häppy Compagnie, you are not only choosing high-quality reusable tableware but also a partner actively committed to a sustainable future.