Reusable Packaging for Cafeterias and Commercial Kitchens

Our innovative reusable packaging for cafeterias and commercial kitchens addresses the various needs of catering companies in terms of storage and transportation of food as part of contemporary sustainability concepts. Our robust reusable containers are suitable for various situations, including self-service, immediate consumption, or takeout. Beyond cafeteria use, our reusable products are employed as a sustainable solution for in-house catering and employee events.

Reusable Packaging for Cafeterias

Our reusable trays and cups are true multitaskers. They can be filled with food up to 100°C, are dishwasher-safe, and can be stacked easily.

These qualities make our reusable products ideal for the use in commercial kitchens and cafeterias, where healthy soups, delicious pasta, and Asian curries can be conveniently filled for guests to eat on-site or to go. Our versatile reusable solutions offer numerous applications in various settings, including corporate catering and student dining in cafeterias.

Promoting Sustainability with Reusable Products

Our reusable packaging for cafeterias and commercial kitchens stands out for its high wood content, providing a natural antibacterial effect. Distributing our reusable products not only protects the food but also preserves the well-being of guests. The use of matching transparent lids allows  an appealing presentation of pre-prepared salads, antipasti, and other dishes like poke bowls directly in the cafeteria, which can therefore positively impact sales.

Long-Term Benefits of Reusable Products

The use of eco-friendly food containers can positively influence a company’s image in the long term. As more and more guests opt for sustainable containers when filling up their meals, there is a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions. By implementing our reusable products in commercial kitchens, cafeterias, and internal catering, you are sending a strong message of sustainability and demonstrating environmentally conscious practices to the public. Our recyclable containers are not only practical and versatile for all types of food but also sustainable and eco-friendly. The combination of functionality, aesthetic design with the option for individual branding, and reusability aligns with contemporary sustainability concepts. Ultimately, the use of our reusable solutions enhances the image in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness.

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