Pioneers in Sustainable Solutions

Overall, we have established ourselves as a leading company in the development of environmentally friendly tableware made from biobased or recycled plastics. We aim to support businesses with comprehensive consulting services, a strong partner network, and close collaboration with research institutions to provide relief.

Chantal Lilienthal

Key Accounts Food-Services / Reseller Wholsesale FR

Frederik Feuerhahn

Product Development / Manufacturing

We take pride in being a trusted partner for major suppliers in the foodservice industry.

Saskia Blanke

Key Accounts Food-Services / Reseller Wholesale D-A-CH und EN

Our passion for sustainability and the environment drives us to support sustainable product ideas.

Sandra Neu

Key Account Event & Catering Industry / Administration

Our goal is to make the desired products environmentally friendly and future-proof.

We take into account ecological requirements and the criteria of our customers’ sustainability concepts.

Henning Mertsch

Media Design

In doing so, we consider the practical demands on the usability of our products in the everyday gastronomic setting.

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Web design

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Innovative and Sustainable in the Gastronomy Industry

About us

Häppy Compagnie GmbH & Co KG is a leading company in the development of sustainable reusable products for the gastronomy and event industry. Since our establishment in 2014, our focus has been on researching and implementing environmentally friendly raw materials. We particularly emphasize the use of bio-based or recycled polymers to manufacture high-quality food packaging and reusable products. Our goal is to meet all sustainability criteria and develop products that are practical and flexible for use in various sectors of the foodservice industry. In doing so, we aim to contribute to the worldwide climate protection.

Consultation and Realization of Sustainable Product Solutions

Since 2019, we have been offering specialized consulting services to our customers and other companies with the aim of realizing their sustainable ideas in products. We achieve this through collaborative projects with various partners and research and development institutions in our network or by taking on the entire implementation process from idea to mass production. To this end, we work closely with a strong network of partners and offer also customized product packaging tailored to the needs of our customers, including individual product presentation design.

Commitment to the Environment and Innovative Composite Materials

At Häppy Compagnie, we place great importance on introducing climate-friendly and climate-compensated products and continuously advancing sustainability. Therefore, we collaborate closely with national and international institutes and research organizations such as the Technical University of Dresden,as well as companies like Bureau Veritas, Intertec and SGS.

Pioneers in sustainable solutions

This collaboration has led to the development of an innovative composite material that consists of up to 98 percent renewable raw materials and can be used and recycled multiple times. Based on this bio-compound, we manufacture reusable cutlery and containers, which have been legally required for gastronomers in Germany to provide since January 1, 2023.

Sustainable Product Range Development and Supplier Selection

We continually work as pioneers in sustainable solutions on the development of our product range, considering feedback and requests from the gastronomy sector. In the development of our products, sustainability and recyclability are not the sole focus; practical usability is equally important. To successfully establish reusable alternatives and reduce packaging waste, our products must meet the requirements of the foodservice industry and the expectations of our customers. Therefore, we collaborate closely with manufacturers in Germany and neighbouring countries.