Convenient Reusable Lids for Secure Food Transport

Our Häppy Plate and Häppy Bowl® containers, as well as the Häppy-Cup and Häppy-Box, are complemented by matching reusable lids that provide guests with a secure sealing solution for food transport. Our reusable lids are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable lids and are perfect for use in restaurants and the foodservice industry. They are ideal for meals to go. The recyclable lids fit precisely onto the corresponding containers and can be securely attached with a click. A small tab on the edge allows an effortless opening. The reusable lids can be easily removed for cleaning.

Sustainable Benefits of Reusable Lids

Our reusable lids not only offer secure transport for various dishes but are also reusable, recyclable, and safe for food contact.

Purchasing our reusable lids actively contributes to environmental protection and reduces the use of single-use plastic. Additionally, you can support the implementation of your sustainable initiatives. You help reduce waste and lessen environmental impact. The lids are dishwasher-safe and suitable for both cold and hot foods. This ensures that food can be safely stored in containers with reusable lids.

Properties of the reusable lids

Sustainability, Convenience, and Safety in One Product

Our reusable lids are compatible with our Häppy Plate and Häppy Bowl® containers, as well as the Häppy-Cup and Häppy-Box. The lids fit perfectly onto the corresponding reusable products in each series and are practical for everyday use. With our eco-friendly products, guests receive safety, convenience, and sustainability all in one. Food can be transported securely without compromises, while waste is reduced, and the environment is sustainably protected. Trust in the quality and reliability of our products and enhance the dining experience for guests. Choose sustainable reusable lids and actively contribute to environmental conservation.

Convenient and Safe Dining on the Go

Thanks to the seal, hot dishes remain protected and warm. Guests can conveniently take packed meals anywhere – to the office, while traveling, or for a picnic in the park. Worries about spills or leaks are eliminated because our reusable lids provide reliable sealing. Whether it’s hot soups, crisp salads, or delicious desserts that need to be transported, our lids keep all types of foods securely packaged and fresh. in our assortment, you can find lids in various sizes to match the respective containers, available in both transparent and gray. They are easy to clean in the dishwasher and can be stacked when closed, providing additional security during food transport.

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