High-Quality Reusable Cutlery for Sustainable Events

Our premium reusable cutlery, “Häppy Cutlery,” offers a durable and sturdy solution for sports events, concerts, festivals, and catering. Instead of disposable cutlery that ends up in the trash after a single use, you can opt for our eco-friendly alternative. We provide resource-efficient forks, spoons, and knives that are not only functional but also aesthetically and ergonomically designed. Our reusable cutlery is available in two different quality levels: Premium and Basic.

Saving Costs Sustainably with Bio-Based Cutlery

Our reusable cutlery is cost-effective and pays off after just a few uses. It reaches the price of conventional plastic cutlery after two uses. After five uses, the cost of one piece of cutlery is less than 2 cents.

With reusable cutlery, you not only save money, but also actively contribute to environmental protection and enhance your sustainable image. Choose our bio-based reusable cutlery and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Opt for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable cutlery and actively support resource conservationOur cutlery set has been specifically designed for gastronomic use, is available in Premium and Basic, and impresses with its durability and performance

Properties of Häppy Cutlery®

"Häppy Cutlery": The Innovative Reusable Solution

By purchasing our bio-based forks, spoons, and knives, you contribute to environmental protection and support the implementation of your sustainability concepts. Our eco-friendly cutlery, available in Premium and Basic, offers a sustainable and innovative solution for daily use in restaurants, events, schools, and sports facilities. Trust in the quality and benefits of our recyclable cutlery. Choose Premium or Basic reusable cutlery from our range and help shape a more sustainable future. By acquiring our eco-friendly products, you enhance your company’s image and benefit from the cost-effectiveness of our reusable solutions.

The Benefits of Bio-Based Reusable Cutlery

Our sustainable cutlery is made from a special bio-compound consisting of wood residues and biopolymers. This innovative composition is environmentally friendly as it utilizes waste materials, being based on renewable resourcesThe Premium reusable cutlery differs from the Basic reusable cutlery in terms of the composition of individual components. This is reflected in their appearance. The Premium variant of ‘Häppy Cutlery’ is beige, whereas the Basic variant has a brown coloration. By reusing the cutlery, resources are conserved, and waste is reduced. The biobased cutlery can be incinerated without releasing harmful substances, contributing to environmentally friendly disposal. Our Premium and Basic reusable cutlery made from renewable resources can be used multiple times, resulting in less waste and conservation of natural resources. The cutlery is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. After multiple uses, we recommend disposal in the residual waste bin.

Reusable Ice Cream Spatula for Ice Cream and Desserts

The sustainable reusable ice cream spatula by Häppy Compagnie in the Basic version is excellent for ice cream, but can generally be used for hot and cold dishes. With a length of 9.5 cm, the ice cream spatula is compact, fits well in the hand, and stands out for its user-friendly and easy handling. Its elegant brwown design makes the reusable ice cream spatula a stylish utensil for ice cream parlors. Whether at events, fairs, ice cream stalls, or in gastronomic establishments, the reusable ice cream spatula is a practical alternative to disposable products and contributes to reducing plastic waste. Whether for warm desserts like pudding or cold ice creams and creams, the reusable ice cream spatula by Häppy Company is the right choice for optimal enjoyment.

Sustainability of the Reusable Ice Cream Spatula

The reusable ice cream spatula is manufactured in the EU and made from a bio-compound consisting of biobased plastics that are fully recyclable. Made without any coating, it is food-safe and suitable for hot and cold foods of all kinds. Additionally, it is robust, durable, and withstands the demands of everyday gastronomy.

Since it is dishwasher safe, it can be hygienically and quickly cleaned in the dishwasher or in mobile dishwashing units at events after each use, making it immediately ready for reuse. The FSC certification ensures that the wood used for manufacturing comes from responsibly managed forests. This base of renewable materials makes the ice cream spatula an environmentally friendly choice as it fulfills all aspects of reusability and sustainability.

Reusable Ice Cream Spatula for Refreshing Ice Cream or Warm Desserts

As it can be reused many times, the reusable ice cream spatula offers a practical alternative to disposable packaging, which is thrown away after single use, generating a lot of waste. Introducing a deposit system can also ensure the return and reuse of the reusable ice cream spatula and contribute to cost-effectiveness by retaining deposits for spatulas not returned. The reusable ice cream spatula is a perfect combination of environmental protection and user-friendliness because it actively contributes to waste reduction as a high-quality, reusable solution, while also promoting sustainable event culture.

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