Reusable Containers for Zero Waste Shops

Sustainable shopping without packaging waste is on the rise. More and more people want to avoid packaging when buying organic and locally sourced food products and use reusable containers for zero-waste shops in their everyday shopping.This has led to the emergence of a growing number of zero waste shops that support shopping without plastic and other unnecessary packaging materials. While traditional supermarkets mainly offer plastic-free fruits and vegetables, zero waste shops carry a wider range of unpackaged food items.

Reusable Containers for Packaging-free Stores

For the transportation and storage of food items in zero waste shops, we provide suitable reusable containers for packaging-free stores. Our eco-friendly containers are made from 98 percent renewable resources, making them exceptionally sustainable. The sturdy material, consisting of wood flour and biopolymer, also has antibacterial properties due to its high proportion of ecological wood.

Our biobased Häppy Family products are also free from melamine and Bisphenol A (BPA). The reusable products give zero waste shops the opportunity to offer products in sustainable reusable packaging. Our environmentally friendly items have been specially designed for the use in packaging-free shops and supermarkets. They are based on standardized filling volumes and uniform tare weights. The transparent lid allows guests and consumers to see the contents.

„Zero Waste“: Sustainable Shopping Without Packaging Waste

The “Zero Waste” concept aims to reduce waste. Within this framework, the goal is to eliminate packaging, reduce the consumption of plastic-wrapped products, and compost non-recyclable waste. Recycling and reuse are also key focuses. Zero waste shops and packaging-free supermarkets align with this concept by offering self-serve options for food products. Desired quantities are weighed and paid for directly in the supermarket. Guests can either bring their own containers for transportation or use the provided reusable containers on-site.

Versatile Reusable Containers for Zero Waste Shops

Frequently purchased hard and dried food items such as tea, coffee, pasta, cereals, nuts, couscous, quinoa, amaranth, and legumes like chickpeas, lentils, and beans can be supplied in sustainable dispensers and purchased in reusable containers. Selling food items completely without packaging waste is easily achievable with our reusable tableware, available in various sizes. Confectionery and hygiene products like detergents and soap are increasingly being offered unpackaged in environmentally friendly containers as well. Plastic-free shopping is now easily attainable thanks to suitable reusable solutions. As a reliable partner and expert in sustainably produced and reusable household goods, we offer biobased and eco-conscious products for zero waste shops and packaging-free supermarkets.

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