Customization of Reusable Products

Leave an Eco-Friendly Impression

At Häppy Compagnie, we offer the opportunity for Customization of Reusable Products to use our versatile reusable products as a clever promotional strategy. By printing or embossing your company logo or a custom slogan on our sustainable products, they can be used for public presentation and leave a lasting impression on guests and consumers. In this way, our reusable products are not only environmentally friendly but also strategically employed for branding purposes and fostering positive customer relationships for businesses.

Unparalleled Design on Sustainable Reusable Solutions

Our custom design options not only strengthen the public presence in the food service sector but also leave a positive impression on guests and consumers. By distributing our personalized reusable products, you help others achieve a unique brand image and build long-term customer relationships. Additionally, you actively contribute to climate protection and waste reduction, establishing a sustainable image for your company.

Printing - Leaving Sustainable Impressions

Our reusable products can be printed in two colors to effectively convey a personalized message or branding. For lasting results, we employ high-quality screen printing or pad printing. These printing methods ensure a clear and precise execution of individual design ideas. Your customers’ advertising message remains permanently visible and does not fade after multiple uses of our sustainable products.

personalised printed multiway box bowl warhol
häppy bowl multiway embossing warhol personalised

Embossing - Creating an Elegant Look

The logo is a company’s flagship and ensures instant recognition in the public eye. Placing the logo on the reusable products is a sensible way to increase visibility. With embossing, this goal can be achieved by enhancing the sustainable products with an aesthetically appealing design. We are pleased to emboss the lid of our reusable items with a company logo. Embossing creates a distinctive and tactile representation of the respective lettering or logo. As a design option, embossing gives our reusable products a unique appearance and exclusive recognizability.

Band - Additional Design Options

Further customization of our reusable products is also not a problem. We offer the option of using a banderole that can be customized according to individual preferences. This adds another personalized component to the reusable products, further enhancing a company’s recognizability among guests and consumers. Additionally, there is the option to securely seal the menu boxes with a freshness seal, ensuring the quality and freshness of food and products.

personalised multiway package band warhol
multiway color personalised purple warhol

Colors - Unique Variety for Brands

Most of our products are already available in green, gray, cream-white, and brown. However, if the colors in our range do not match your company’s branding, we will do our best to accommodate specific color requests. Feel free to contact us regarding specific color preferences. We create the opportunity for businesses to showcase their individual colors in the public eye.

QR Codes - Customized Customer Engagement

A customer-specific QR code can be printed – for a tailored online connection or web-based services such as information feeds, discount and promotional offers. By personalizing through QR codes, you can further enhance customer engagement and provide your customers with a unique added value.

QR Codes on reusable products

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